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A Free, Easy-to-Use, Cross-Platform OpenPGP Crypto Tool. One of the excellent GUI Frontends for Modern GnuPG.

Brief Introduction

Cross Platform

Enjoy seamless cross-platform functionality with our application, available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Transfer your GPG keys between devices safely and effortlessly, ensuring your data remains secure no matter where you are working from.

Use Smoothly

Experience swift encryption and digital signing capabilities. Encrypt files or text rapidly, and sign your documents digitally with utmost ease, enhancing your workflow efficiency and data security.

Open Source

Benefit from a transparent and community-driven development process. Our application is completely open source, allowing for peer review, modifications, and contributions. Join our community and contribute to the future of secure communication.


Enjoy our application absolutely free of charge, with no hidden costs. We believe in making digital security accessible to everyone, and our commitment to this principle means you can secure your communications without spending a penny.